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Rice Lake Displays
Many applications require additional displays to connect to an indicator/controller. Whether you need to see it up close or at a distance, Rice Lake can light up your information for dependable and easy viewing day after day. 

Cardinal Remote Displays
Cardinal's versatile remote displays provide bright, easy-to-read weight readouts from a distance. Available in several sizes and with a variety of features, many digital remote displays include an ambient light sensor and multiple levels of brightness for increased visibility. Cardinal's SB500 remote display features a traffic direction signal for clarity and safety in addition to built-in rain hoods for protection from the elements. The SB500 remote display also features large 5-inch-high weight readouts with dual-row LED digits for easy reading from a distance. The smaller RD series of remote displays is perfect for precise agricultural measurements and warehouse weighing use. Choose one of Cardinal's industry-leading remote displays for clear readouts, traffic coordination, and increased accuracy. For multi-platform truck scales, consider the RD2X4 quad scoreboard which displays axle weights plus total.

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Aurora Displays
Since coming to market, Western's industry-leading line of remote weight displays (scoreboards) has quickly become the standard preferred by Scale Technicians all over North America. All 8 models have distinct features and capabilities while maintaining the same core features that define the AURORA Series: Super bright LEDs, Auto-Learn Technology and Unparalleled Ease of Use - including our tech-friendly wireless commmunication options.