Medical / health scales

RL-350-6 Dual-ramp Portable Bariatric Wheelchair Scale
​When access to Rice Lake's portable bariatric wheelchair is required on two sides, the 350-6 dual ramp model is the scale of choice for optimizing traffic flow.
Mechanical Physician Scale RL-MPS-40
​The Rice Lake Mechanical Physician Scale features a dual die-cast beam for weighing up to 440 pounds and 490 pounds with the counterpoise weights. Weight and height can be easily read from either the front or back. The scale base is designed with a removable, slip-resistant base cover for easy cleaning.
​​550-10-1 Digital Chair Scale
The streamlined Rice Lake 550-10-1 digital chair scale is designed for weighing those who find it difficult or impossible to stand.

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​150-10-7 Digital Physician Scale
The Rice Lake 150-10-7 floor-level digital physician scale provides precision weight measurements up to 550 pounds.

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350-10-3 Dual-ramp Wheelchair Scale
​The sleek design of Rice Lake's 350-10-3 dual ramp wheelchair scale with handrail makes this scale easy to move and store.