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Mettler Toledo™ DigiTOL® Retrofit Kit RC3 Load Cells
The Mettler Toledo DigiTOL retrofit kit is designed to provide a cost effective solution for replacing Toledo™ DigiTOL® digital load cells with analog load cells.

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MVS Mount/MVS Conversion Kit
Designed for Rice Lake's SURVIVOR® truck scale product line, the MVS utilizes the center-loaded double-ended shear beam load cell design in severe environments.

loadcells / WEIGH MODULES

EZ Mount 1 Mild Steel Weigh Module
The EZ Mount 1 Series weigh module utilizes the double-ended beam design with an articulating top plate to provide superior accuracy in any loading condition.
Electronic Floor Scale Underdeck Kits
Electronic floor scale underdeck kits are packaged for industrial, chemical, dry corrosive, non-washdown, high-precision and wet-corrosive applications.
ITCM Isolated Tension Cell Module
The ITCM suspension kit weigh module incorporates clevis and unique rod-end ball joint assemblies to reduce the overall length to less than half of the traditional tension cell mounts, while providing correct load alignment.

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RL1900 Series Steel Weigh Module
The RL1900 weigh module kit is ideally suited for tank, hopper and bin weighing operations with medium-range capacities. Each module combines multi-directional movement and self-checking capabilities.