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Call for pricing or for other manufact​urers / models not listed.

Call for pricing or for other manufact​urers / models not listed.

Single Animal Scale - SAS
The SAS single animal scale is Rice Lake’s answer for livestock weighing environments that prefer single animal weighing.
Mobile Group Livestock Scale - MAS-M
Rice Lake’s patented mobile design incorporates a low-profile weighing platform to enable faster and easier multi-site livestock weighing.
SURVIVOR® AG Livestock/Agriculture Utility Scale
The AG packs the performance of a SURVIVOR truck scale into a mid-size, mid-duty frame and comes complete with load cells, mounts and a fabricated weighbridge for a concrete platform that offers top access to load cells.
Pipe Lever Scale
Pipe lever scales are an economical choice for many tank or hopper applications in the agriculture and construction industries.

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Rice Lake Farm Bars
Load bar weighing systems are complete weighing systems. From accurate load cells to standard and specialized platforms, every aspect of a load bar system has been carefully designed and constructed to meet your requirements.
Stationary Livestock Scale - MAS-LC
The MAS-LC provides reliable, accurate weighing for ranchers and processors that prefer a load cell based weighing system.