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​2013 Tech Manual

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Belt-Way Plant Connect
Plant-Connect is the Beltway Scales web based conveyor belt scale monitoring system.   Plant Connect allows our customers real time access to their belt scale data.  Reports can be run for any time period making it simple for a manager to keep in tune with operational trends. The uses for Plant-Connect are limitless. Downtime, equipment utilization, inventory, and product quality can be monitored to quickly increase profitability. A small investment in our Plant-Connect technology is all that is required to transform your business.

Belt-Way Remote Display / Control Panel
The Belt-Way Remote Display permits a plant operator to monitor multiple scales from a central location. The scales must be networked with Ethernet cable or transmit wirelessly to the display. The Remote Display gives the operator a real time view of scale production to make sure the plant is running properly. It also saves time by allowing the user to reset totals and perform zero calibrations from the control room.

Call for pricing or for other manufact​urers / models not listed.  We service all types of belt scales.

Belt Scales

Belt-Way Belt Scales
Belt-Way conveyor belt scales offer an easy solution to monitoring your production. Our system is an accurate and dependable industrial weighing device that can be installed onto virtually any belt conveyor. Our patented scale design is intended specifically for easy installation with accurate results! We offer a variety of conveyor belt scales designed to meet the accuracy you require.